The Nacho Men

Nacho, Nacho Man … I wanna be a Nacho Man.

Anyone remember that commercial from the 90’s? No? Just me?

This past weekend, we added 6 “new” vintage chairs and have decided to name them the Nacho Men. We bought 18 chairs last weekend and 6 chairs came from a guy named, Tommy. His mom was moving back in with him and they were merging dining sets. I was so excited to get this set because I had bought an identical lonesome chair in the same style at a consignment shop. It was used in the Lauren Brimhall engagement shoot earlier this year. We now have 2 arm chairs as shown below and 5 chairs without the arms.

We also learned that Tommy has an dance band called The Nacho Men! To find more information about his band, you can visit In dedication to Tommy and his band, we’ll be naming this style of chairs, The Nacho Men.

If you are donating your chairs to us, send us a story and we’ll love to share the character and memories here.

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