Antique Red Tufted Sette with Chairs

Last week, we found beautiful pieces to add to our lounge furniture collection!  These chairs have the most character in our inventory. We have added an antique red tufted settee with two matching chairs. We are hoping to take more professional pictures of it soon. In the meantime, here are some that I snapped as soon as the settee made it into our home.vintage settee tufted couch for rent colorado


We bought these pieces from a family in Morrison, CO, just outside of Denver. The couch was mainly used in their sitting room when the mom would relax to her daughter playing the piano. We were told that her and her husband acquired these pieces shortly after they got married. We heard stories about their memories of these pieces as well as their wedding day in Boulder. We love hearing stories of people retelling their wedding day! We hope these pieces will make your event just as memorable.

These pieces would be great in a lounge section and for bridal poses. Here are some inspiration pictures featuring vintage red couches. Contact us if you would like to rent them for an event or for a specific photo shoot.




Source, Jolynne Photography


Source, Leo Dj Photography


2 thoughts on “Antique Red Tufted Sette with Chairs

  1. Oh man I love this set! I have a table with identical carved flowers on the base and a white marble top that would match these perfectly! Can’t wait to see what you do with them in photographs and to get a better feel for their dimensions. Lovely.

    • Hi, Season – How great! Hmmm … I love how that table sounds.

      The couch is 74″ wide x 42″ high. The two chairs are 24″ wide x 46″ high. Seeing them photographed with people will definitely help visualize their dimensions. Stay tuned 😉

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