2013 New Years Resolution

I love resolutions, lists and checking things off of my to-do list. For 2013, I have big goals and dreams. Most importantly, at Chairs with Character, I want to help bring your vision of your dream event to life!

As I started to search for decor and ideas for my June 2013 wedding, I felt limited by the options of unique chairs, decor and lounge furniture in Colorado. While I like vintage furniture, I love the look of mixing vintage pieces with a unique setting and modern touches. Colorado has so many great venues, especially parks and ranches, but the rentals were limited. Chairs with Character started in July 2012 when I started collecting mismatched vintage chairs for my own Wash Park wedding. I’m excited for the progress made and the wedding we have planned for 2013 so far.

Wash Park Garden

Although our focus is chairs, we do have additional inventory for accent pieces and furniture. Our chairs complement our other inventory, therefore our 2013 goals are more than just chairs.

1. Take more frequent and better pictures of inventory.
– Currently, we are working on a wedding for January 19, 2013 in South Denver. We will have some great pictures soon. Did you know we have more than just brown and white chairs? We also have a French dessert hutch, a white desk, dresser and ladders. Oh, and we have a beautiful chandelier for outdoor weddings in Colorado! We are working on polishing our 2013 inventory for photographs.

2. Limit our rent-able ceremony chairs to 75 white chairs and 75 wood chairs. Add more unique upholstered and specialty chairs.
– We will continue to refresh update and change out pieces. While we would love to accommodate 200+ weddings in Colorado, we want to be smart about selecting our pieces and the quality. For 2013, we are focusing on quality over quantity. For example, we have picked up some french inspired and 1950’s chairs for specific wedding requests. We are excited to share the pictures.

Hazlitt Vintage Rentals, Canada

3. Engage in more style shoots to showcase our items. Our goal is to do 4 style shoots in 2013, in addition to weddings that are already booked
– Anything from fancy holiday scenes, creative children parties or formal styled wedding shoots

4. Add more unique lounge furniture pieces.
– We will be adding some white lounge furniture very soon. Don’t you love this inspiration from California?

5.  Incorporate tables. Chairs go with Tables like .. Pam Beasley and Jim, Peanut Butter and Jelly and  Snow Storms and Traffic on I-70.
– We working on unique tables for our own June wedding and will share the inventory as its completed. My inspiration came from these tables at the LA Marvimon

Location: Marvimon in LA, Photographed by Britt Rene Photo

6. Continue to network with other brides-to-be, wedding industry professionals and party planners out there.

I put my 2013 goals out there. What are your goals? We hope to help bring your vision to life.

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