Re-upholstering a Side Chair for Lounge Furniture

At Chairs with Character, we have over 100+ chairs with upholstered seats. Some seat replacements are straight forward while others are a bit more fancy with tufted buttons. We put our chairs through extensive chair rehab ensuring the stability and quality of each piece.

chair rehab

Because the chairs we buy are used, we replace 100% of the cushions and fabric. If we bring the chairs inside and our dog starts sniffing it, I know that he smells a funk whether its a cat or other allergens. Next, we bring the chairs into the workshop and start the upholstering project. Design Sponge has a great tutorial post for basic seat replacements.

While seat replacements are straight forward, don’t let Pinterest trick you into thinking re-upholstering is a walk in the park. Recently, I spoke to a bride who was going to buy lounge furniture and have it re-upholstered only to find out that it typically cost $400+ per piece. A small side chair can take 10+ labor hours, 5 yards of fabric and supplies to upholster. While you can find lounge furniture off of Craigslist or other vendors, we re-upholster our lounge furniture in-house to ensure quality control.

In the past month, we bought this chair at a thrift store. We have painted the legs and replaced the fabric. We only have the box cushion to complete before showing you the side-by-side before and after!

Lounge Furniture wedding Colorado Denver

re-upholstering this chair. It will be painted white, have the insides replaced & new fabric

Here is an almost naked picture of the chair. It’s not nearly as sexy as professional bridal boudoir photos.

re-upholstering chair furniture, lounge furniture, wedding

Last night, we grew our collection. We now have 3 similarly style chairs + a long couch in off-white. These will be ready for rent around June 2013. Contact us if you’re interested in seeing these pieces in person.

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